DENS-Therapy Provides:

Analgesic (painkilling) action
A majority of diseases, where the use of DENAS/DiaDENS SCENAR systems (DENS devices) can be helpful, are accompanied by pain. Pain is a distress call from our body. Striving for the reduction of pain is of prime importance to a patient or a victim, and DENS-Therapy satisfies that need to the fullest extent.  The analgesic effect provides one of the earliest benefits that are accomplished; therefore painkilling is the first indicated major result of DENS therapeutic action for the patient. Because of this, DENS-Therapy is recommended for any kind of pain - injury, illness, or inflammation.

The mechanism of pain elimination is complicated and is thoroughly described in medical literature. One of its components is secretion of special agents (endorphins and the like) in human body. With the help of the DENS SCENAR device such a secretion is increased.

Vascular action
Very often the disorder in duct vessels is exhibited by their constriction.  DENS devices restores the regulatory function of a vegetative nervous system, and causes widening of constricted blood vessels.  It consequently increases arterial return, and venous duct, and lymphogenous functions.  As a result, we have better blood circulation, as well as the development of additional vessels in areas or organs with insufficient blood supply.  Constant improvement of vessel ducts promotes capillary creation (vascular collaterals).   This is vital for those areas and organs that have had vessel congestion or a seam.  Due to the vascular effect that eliminates vessel constriction and its consequences, a DENS SCENAR device is recommended for such serious diseases as cardiac infarction, disorder of coronary circulation, obliterating endarteritis, and Reyno disease.

DENS SCENAR devices are also recommended for such chronic ailments as ischemic disease, atherosclerosis, hypertension, varicose veins, trombophlebitis; as well as for diseases that are not directly affecting the vascular system but cause complications for vessels.  These complications consequently aggravate the course of the primary ailment - i.e. angiopathy during diabetes, polyneuritis, palsy, joint diseases.  The effect of improving bloodstream in terminal vessel crease makes the DENS instrument even more efficient with treatment of edemata, swellings (including allergic types), bruises, hemorrhages.

Results of relaxing lissome and skeletal muscular tissues
With the help of a DENS device you can eliminate constriction not only in vascular muscles, but also in lissome muscles (for instance, gullet, stomach, gall-bladder, intestines, uterus, ureters, bladder and the like), as well as in skeletal muscles. Therefore, the DENS device can be successful with treating spasms in lissome muscles, skeletal muscles, scoliosis, osteochondrosis.

Anti-swelling effect
This is provided by vascular effect of the DENS instrument, in particular, the increase in diameter of venules, the quickening of venous and lymphatic ducts.  Due to this effect the device is used in treatment of limb swelling, cardiac pathologies, disorders of lymphogenous function, urinary diseases, and insect bites.  Positive results may be revealed as quickly as 5-10 minutes.

Anti-inflammatory effect
Due to the action of a DENS SCENAR device, the regulatory system mobilizes body defenses to fight viruses, bacteria and other pathogens that cause inflammation with / without general symptoms of intoxication.  Such defense is supported by improved blood circulation in the inflamed area.  Due to this factor the number of necessary cellular elements of blood is increased and available to perform phagocytosis - the devouring of pathogens by special cells. The increase of venous duct away from inflamed area leads to quicker 'flushing' of toxins from within intercellular spaces and infected cells; toxins are caused by work of viruses and bacteria, and they affect a patient.  At the same time the stimulating action of the device leads to activation of cellular and humoral elements of immune system, which bring about quicker than usual elimination of the cause of given inflammation.  Such a scenario of the DENS device, either blocks inflammation process in its early stage (provided a DENS instrument is used with the initial symptoms), or it speeds up all stages of inflammation (double or triple speed).  Due to such an effect, DENS SCENAR devices are successfully used with local inflammatory processes - furuncles, carbuncles, hydro adenitis, festering and the like; as well as with infectious diseases (including acute respiratory infections, grippe, quinsy, inflammatory diseases of bronchus, lungs, heart, urinary system, viral hepatitis and the like.

Anti-fever effect
A DENS SCENAR device is effectively used for reducing of fever with any kind of ailments. And the dynamics of such a reducing is favorably different from the one where medicaments are used, since the temperature goes down gradually, letting the body, esp. cardio vascular system, to adapt to new conditions. Whereas, with medicaments used, the temperature can drop abruptly (critically), and that is usually accompanied with severe asthenia, abundant perspiration, and, in some cases, fainting.

Antiallergic effect
Due to the action of a DENS SCENAR device, the body activates release of special cell and biochemical agents that lower hypersensitiveness of a patient to some types of food products and other allergens. This factor allows using a DENS SCENAR to deal with various allergic diseases.

Immune-response modulating effect
DENS SCENAR instruments are recommended to be used with any kind of lowering of body defenses - humoral and cellular immunodeficiency - for instance, with frequent and long-term children diseases, with lingering bronchitis and pneumonia, with prolonged diarrhea, with recurrent and chronic worm-parasitic diseases, with hard-to-treat infections of genital system, and others.

Metabolism normalization effect
With the help of a DENS SCENAR device, the adipose, carbohydrate, albuminous and mineral metabolisms are brought to the norm. Therefore, it is recommended to use the device in mono or combine therapy for treatment diseases that were causes by metabolic disorder, for instance, obesity, atherosclerosis, podagra, joint diseases and so on.

Hormone status normalization effect
A DENS SCENAR device has shown to be successful with the normalization of the functioning of endocrine glands. Therefore, the device is recommended for usage in endocrinology, for instance, with thyroid gland disorders, diabetes, secondary barrenness and other gynecological hormonal dysfunctions.

Haemostatic and tissue healing effect
DENS SCENAR usage can provide premedical assistance, and as a first aid with injuries and bleeding, provided latter doesn't require use of a tourniquet; as well as, for treatment of recent wounds, lingering atrophic sores of any nature, stomach ulcer, duodenal ulcer, pitting of large and small intestine.

Effect of stone dissolution in bile-duct and kidneys
DENS SCENAR action brings about the recovery of self-regulatory processes in a body (remote effect), reconstitutes biochemical contents of bile and urine, therefore the device has shown to be successful with gallstones and urolithiasis.

Cosmetic effect
DENS SCENAR helps to bring hormonal status to the norm, improves hemodynamics and atrophic structure of skin and its derivatives, which allows correcting problem areas, and fulfilling skin aging prevention. 

Resuscitation effect
A DENS instrument can be successful dealing with the loss of consciousness, fainting, shocks, acute disorder in cerebral circulation, bronchial asthma fits, hypertension strokes, alcohol and drug intoxication, and other states of emergency, as a premedical and first aid assistance.

Anti-stress effect
A DENS SCENAR device is recommended as a therapeutic remedy for  asthenia fits, fatigue, general irritability, sleep disorders.  Such disorders may result from exposure to circumstances of malnutrition or consumption of ecologically contaminated food, water and air; with physical, mental and psychological overstrain.  Additionally, disorders may result from exposure to intense electromagnetic, geophysical and geochemical fields (of natural or technological origin), or radiation.  Also, results from conflict situations in family or community; as well as results from heavy life conflicts; during periods of recovery from various ailments; with the excessive consumption of medicaments, alcohol, drugs and toxic agents; after surgeries; for oncological patients.

Important Information: The information provided in this presentation is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. The information on this document is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Never disregard medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read herein.

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