How DENAS & DiaDENS Instruments Help You

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DENAS & DiaDENS Instruments are effective in treating various kinds of diseases as well as beauty concerns.  These devices can successfully serve as an "always-available" home doctor.  While DENS therapeutic devices cannot be considered a sole solution to all of your health problems, they can clearly help prevent the traumatic intensification of the disease & pain to provide urgent remedies until qualified healthcare providers become available.  Click number 1 above to review a few Cases (Testimonials) by Doctor Keith Scott-Mumby.  You can also click number 2 above to review what DENS-Therapy Provides and gain a better understanding of how this therapy works. 

Generally, Here's How: The body can get accustomed to a unstable pathological state, which may have been caused by injury, disease or toxicity. The DENAS or DiaDENS instrument initiates the healing process by stimulating the production of regulatory peptides for the body to use where necessary, thereby re-establishing the body's natural physiological state.  Neuro and other regulatory peptides are produced by C-fibers, which comprise 85% of all nerves in the body. C-fibers react most readily to the instrument's electro-stimulation and the peptides produced last up to several hours, meaning the healing process will continue long after the treatment is over. The large quantity of neuropeptides and C-fibers in the Central Nervous System can also result in the treatment on one area aiding with other chemical imbalances, correcting sleeplessness, appetite and behavioral problems.

1. When treating Cardiovascular System Health, DENS-therapy prevents rapid development of cardiovascular pathologies. Many European and Russian doctors these days recommend DENS therapy for both treatment and preventive therapy.

2. Your urogenital system health solutions is safe with DENAS & DiaDENS devices which often act as part of complex treatment programs.  It is effective in treatment of both acute and chronic illnesses.       Don't let male sexual health troubles bring you down.  Use your DENS device to get an immediate curative relieve and allow you to perform well again!

3. If gastroenterology disease help can make your quality of living miserable, try DENS therapy to help turn the quality of your gastro life into pain free, natural and healthful living.  Whatever your problem is - chronic diseases or acute painful syndromes - your DENS instrument is likely to help improve your health and increase remission from this dreadful disease.

4. Everyone can suffer from a trauma related experience from time to time.  Proper first-aid and rehabilitation treatments are usually crucial and that's where your DENS device may be of major assistance.  The most important and pleasant aspect about DENS-therapy is that it can dramatically shorten recovery time.  One of the most popular means of using your DENS instrument is physiotherapy.  DENS-therapy enhances the power of self-healing and rehabilitation.

5. DENS-therapy is based on enhancing natural human body recovery and healing functions by influencing links of the central nervous system.  In the case of
neurology diseases the effectiveness of your DENS device can be extraordinarily helpful.  European and Russian Doctors, who have implemented DENS-therapy into their regular practice dealing with treatment of various neurology diseases and rehabilitation, have noted the considerable intensification of the recovery process.   Neurological disorders, nervous system disorders are serious. They should be handled in an urgent manner and dealt with immediately with the appropriate DENS protocol to prevent further complications.

6. Healthy breathing is essential to healthy life.  Life can be miserable when you suffer from pulmonology system diseases.   Regular DENS therapeutic practices may help overcome the sudden attacks and improve the period of remission involving a breathing pathology at any stage.

7. DENS therapy is a great way to help you treat kidney and urinary tract diseases.   This makes all related protocols easy to do and very effective.

8. If you are facing endocrine system diseases, you will find that a DENS instrument is a "must have" device.  It will help you treat this sensitive illness in most pleasant way.

9. If you are having problems with female health, you should know that DENS instruments are being used in obstetrics at a great rate of success throughout Europe and Russia!

10. Children are tough patients.  They scream and fight and generally are afraid of doctors and anything medical.  DENS instruments provide a great non-intrusive way to deal with children's illnesses.

11. Work related MSD - (Muscular Skeletal Disorders) are on the rise in today's society.  All DENS instruments work quickly and efficiently when it comes to treating people with MSD related pathologies.

12. This may sound like something very minor. Mundane illnesses that we all tend to not pay any real attention to, but you should know that ear, nose and throat diseases are dangerous and should be treated immediately. DENS instruments are being used around the world quite successfully to treat
ear, nose and throat diseases.

13. Our vision plays a vital role in our lives.  You should never consider neglecting your eyes.  If you have any
eye disorder, consider use of a extraordinaryly effective DENS-Accessory, "DENS-Glasses", to help cure your vision disorder faster!

14. When you have a toothache or sores in your mouth you know that you may be facing a serious oral problem.  DENS instruments help dentists throughout Europe and Russia to treat their patients faster and in a more pleasant way than the usual dental office experience. 

15. Many people think that this can't happen to them, but drug and alcohol addiction is a real threat that can hit any family or individual.  Proper DENS therapeutic treatments can help fight drug and alcohol addiction help fast!

16. Learn about how a DENS instrument can help people suffering from excessive weight.  DENS instruments can be an important aid as a weight loss device.

17. A DENS instrument can be a beautiful woman's best friend and natural beauty aid!   You may wish to check out how any DENS instrument can help you retain your youth and beauty!  Find out how DENS therapy can get rid of almost every skin disease there is!  You will be pleasantly surprised.


Cardiovascular System Health
The health of cardiovascular system is one of the main aspects of the overall wellbeing. During complex medical treatment doctors usually pay extra attention to this particular direction as they understand the importance of solving cardiovascular problems prior to healing other diseases.
DENS-therapy is effective in treating almost every cardiovascular disease known. Below is the list of the most widespread pathologies which can be successfully treated by DENS-therapy:
        arterial hyper- and hypotension;
        coronary heart disease at the pre-admission and rehabilitation stages;
        vessel diseases (occlusion disease, Raynaud disease, chronic venous insufficiency);
        emergency states (first medical aid stage): hypertonic crisis, collapse;
        anginous attack. DENS-therapy effects when treating cardiovascular diseases include:
        blood pressure stabilization;
        cardioanalgesic effect enhancement;
        peripheral of arterial and venous blood flow improvement;
        concomitant pathology symptoms correction;
        overall improvement of health;
        drug load reduction.

Please note that DENS-devices are designed to bring relief and enhance the self-recovery of body processes. They can't however serve as a panacea to the physical source of the problems. It is always advisable to consult a qualified healthcare provider who can assist in the development of an overall treatment program.

Urogenital Health - DENS Will Help
Though problems with urogenital system are rarely lethally dangerous, such diseases do hit the top list of disorders which make life miserable and uncomfortable. DENS-therapy has proved to be effective for patients with the following functional disorders and organic pathology of urinary organs and overall urogenital system:
        inflammatory diseases of both male and female urogenital system;
        obstructive uropathies;
        myogenic disorders of urination;
        erectile dysfunctions;
        female and male sterility.

DENS-therapy is recommended for usage in both acute and chronic illness cases. The therapy is rarely used as a standalone treatment, therefore being implemented into the complex programs of medical treatment and further rehabilitation.  DENS often allows decreasing the volume of medication usage and in particular cases it is possible to abort any forms of drug therapy. The effects of DENS-therapy on the urogenital system include, but are not limited to:
        Vegetative system violation abortion
        Urodynamics normalization
        Menstrual function regulation
        Sexual disorder correction

DENS-therapy is equally effective for the patients of different age groups and can help with various urogenital system diseases.  DENS can be used with and without prior medical consultations.

Male Sexual Health and DENAS
Male sexual health is a very sensitive issue. Many men are too shy to talk about it, let alone go to the doctor for treatment of even a minor related issue.  If you are having problems with your sexual health, life could become unspeakably dreadful.  Unfortunately these problems are a considerably more common that we would like them to be.  DENS therapy can help manage, treat and completely eliminate many sexual health issues in males.

        Prostate - Prostatitis can be a serious issue for men at an age over 25.  It means that you have  inflammation of the prostate, which may lead to a whole series of consequences, such as: impotence, infertility, and difficulty urinating and such.  DENS therapy can help treat these symptoms and significantly relieve unpleasant sensations and pain.  Patients who practised DENS therapy showed 40-50% improvement within 8 days while many had their problem cured completely in that timeframe.
        Impotence - This is the most feared male health problem. There are worse issues that one could have, but impotence ranks highest in different surveys due to its delicate nature.  When a man cannot achieve or maintain an erection it causes stress, which only tends to make matters worse.  DENS therapy is successfully used to correct impotence related problems.  DENS therapy is also able to improve a person's mental state, which can help in treating impotence, because frequently psychological problems also require resolution.  There are many men who privately practice DENS therapeutic procedures and are able to regain their "manhood" and achieve a high level of satisfactory living again.

DENS therapy can help with significant male health issues such as prostatitis and impotence. Additionally, issues such as UTI, kidney trouble and various other related illnesses involving the male urinary tract system can be treated and resolved.

Gastroenterology - Gentle Care with DENS
While our body possesses all the necessary means to defend its gastroenterological system and keep it in a good healthy state, things are not always what we want them to be.  Everyday stresses and the overall low level of quality of life around us including junk food often lead to acute diseases and chronic pathologies of the alimentary canal, stomach and satellite organs. Surgery and medicament treatment are the most widespread means of solving problems of gastroenterological system. DENS therapy is a painless and safe alternative.
        dyspepsia syndrome;
        gastritis and gastropathy;
        stomach ulcer;
        gall-bladder and biliary dyskinesia;
        irritable colon syndrome.

If you suffer from any of the above listed disorders,-DENS-therapy is a possible solution. Dynamic electroneurostimulation which is the nature of DENS-therapy is often used as part of the complex gastroenterological disease treatment and/or rehabilitation program. Oftens DENS-therapy can be used as the sole therapeutic method.  In other cases it acts as a supportive means and allows the reduction of the volume of drugs usage.  Among gastroenterological DENS-therapy effects are:

        secretor functions of alimentary canal organs normalization;
        mucous tunic regeneration enhancement;
        vegetative violations correction;
        natural immune system improvement.

We recommend DENS-therapy for patients suffering from chronic gastroenterological system disorders and those who experience acute and unexpected painful symptoms and discomfort from time to time. DENS-devices are also effective in preventing diseases as well as improving the period of remission.

Traumatology - DENS Brings Relief
Various traumas and injuries happen to everyone from time to time. Some of the consequences are often not serious or dangerous, while other traumatic experiences can be quite painful and generate long-lasting painful aftereffects.  Treating different kinds of injuries and traumas is precisely the strong-suite for DENS instruments, because of the flexible multi-purpose capabilities to deal with literally thousands of human issues.
Russian and European healthcare professionals recommend using DENS-therapy both during the direct treatment and rehabilitation of injured patients.  The main advantage of DENS-therapy is that it reduces overall healing and rehabilitation time along with prevention of further complications. Other positive DENS-therapy effects include:
        prolonged and effective anaesthetization;
        tissues microcirculation and tropism normalization;
        oedemata and haematomas removal;
        reparative processes stimulation;
        natural defensive processes intensification.

DENS-therapy is highly recommended for use during the first-aid activity, as a part of complex an injury treatment program and during the rehabilitation period.  This increases the chances of absolute recovery within the shortest period of time and without harmful aftereffects.

Physiotherapy - DENS Therapy Helps Your Body Recover Itself

DENS-therapy in physiotherapy is based on sending low-frequency electric current to the acupuncture points, making the central nervous system respond and enhance its recovery of the problematic organs and areas. We recommend it to the patients with various acute and chronic diseases that bring uncomfortable sensation and pain. Most DENS devices operate on the preset algorithms which are easy to choose. Natural body feedback in-built analysis system helps make DENS-therapy highly efficient in each individual case.
Applying DENS-therapy as part of the overall treatment and rehabilitation complex program allows great reduction of the time needed for complete recovery. DENS-therapy can also help minimize the drug usage and protect body from the medicament treatment consequences. The devices are also highly efficient for improving the strength of the immune system therefore assisting the prevention of various physical disorders.
DENS instruments provide a useful device if you are into sport. You can be an amateur or a pro - it doesn't matter.  It will help you feel better; you will have a lot more energy and stamina with the help of a DENS device.  In case you must deal with minor or even major injuries, a DENS instrument will act as a powerful pain reliever and kick-start healing.  Many professional sportsmen and women keep their DENS instrument close at hand during intense activity and call it a lifesaver. That's something worth paying attention to.
Also, DENS instruments provide significant help when dealing with almost all work related injuries.  It speeds recovery while keeping you as comfortable as possible.
In addition, DENS therapy works wonders on people with depression, stress, mood swings and other psychological problems. It helps to improve your overall mental state to keep you smiling.

Neurology - No Risk - No glitches
Neurological diseases are often considered to be the most complicated and difficult to manage pathology.  Medicamental treatment of patients suffering from such disorders usually involves prolonged processes. These processes typically require the undisputable professionalism of a physician at his highest responsibility.  Doctors are always in search of the additional tools to help them ease the process of treatment and post-treatment rehabilitation of the patients with neurological disorders. The family of DENS-therapy instruments provides an excellent solution.
Neurological diseases often appear to be the direct consequence of the central nervous system problems. The dynamic electroneurostimulation method of DENS-therapy is based on helping to restore all the lost neurological links. This therapy empowers the body with all implemented tools needed to recover. 
DENS-therapy is obviously your choice if you suffer from:
        headache syndrome;
        vascular diseases of the brain and spinal cord;
        degenerative diseases of central and peripheral nervous systems;
        consequences of craniocerebral and spinal injuries;
        consequences of neuroinfection;

By generating electric impulses based on natural body feedback, which is unique with each patient, DENS therapy can eliminate the source of many neurological disorders. This is done through the correction of hemodynamics and vegetative violations, blood microcirculation and the conductive improvement of nerve fiber impulses.  It also strongly stimulates the receptor system of the skin.

Neurological and Nervous System Disorders
Many people have absolutely no idea how common neurological disorders are.  The name may sound medically sophisticated, but surprisingly to most people, one can discover that almost everything can be directly or indirectly related to nervous system disorders.  Headaches, back pain, mood swings and an unlimited number of pathologies are all nervous system disorders. DENS therapy can help to successfully treat almost all of them.
        Stroke - Can be very frightening and a major cause of death.  One stroke can dramatically change the quality of life in a flash.  In worse cases victims often require constant care and supervision for life after the stroke episode.  DENS therapy is extremely effective in helping to relieve a patient of stroke's aftermath and can ensure a speedy recovery. Results differ, but there have been many cases of 100% recovery after stroke with the help of a DENS instrument.
        Neuralgia - Is a very painful disorder of the nerves. Most common variety is trigeminal neuralgia.  It is accompanied by episodes of excruciating pain.  DENS therapy proved to be a highly successful way to treat this disorder, relieve pain and make those painful episodes much less frequent and a lot less painful.  In many cases a full recovery was possible by using a DENS instrument exclusively.  DENS devices are known for providing great results on all types of neuralgia.

In addition to successfully treating neuralgia, DENS instruments have shown to prove to be very successful in treating people with various types of palsy.  Patients were able to recover and regain movement in affected areas.  DENS devices provides fast and efficient pain relieve in cases of joint disease, back pain, neck pain, dizziness and many other symptoms.

Pulmonology - Breath with Ease!
Diseases of the pulmonology system are usually escorted with highly uncomfortable sensations and pain.  Problems with respiratory systems result in serious breathing disorders, pain syndromes and other problems. The strain of dealing with troubled pulmonary matters will always have a negative effect on a patient's quality of life.
During recent years, DENS therapy has become popular with doctors in Russia and Europe who treat respiratory disorders.  While this therapy cannot fully substitute the medicament treatment provided for patients, it can still significantly reduce the volume of drugs needed.  DENS therapy will also shorten the overall treatment time and rehabilitation period. 
DENS therapy is likely to help you if you suffer from:
        acute inflammatory diseases of upper and lower air passages;
        chronic obstructive disease of the lungs;
        acute and chronic respiratory failure.

DENS therapy is also effective in preventing breathing difficulties due to allergy. That is why using DENS devices is highly recommended in spring and early summer, when respiratory diseases that cause allergic reactions become more intense.  Patients with breathing problems who use DENS therapy should expect:
        secretor and evacuator functions of upper and lower air passages normalization;
        oedemata reduction and mucous tunic of the respiratory system normalization;
        anti-inflammatory action;
        immune mechanisms regulation and enhancement.

Independent clinical tests have proved that the proper usage of DENS therapy shortens treatment and rehabilitation time and improves remission periods.

Kidney and Urinary Tract Diseases
Our Kidneys and urinary tract system play a very important operating role in our bodies.  Unfortunately diseases and disorders involving this area are very common.  They all should be taken very seriously and treated immediately.

DENS therapy can help you successfully treat several major and minor kidney and urinary tract problems.
        Pyelonephritis - This is infection of the kidneys. Very often it is a result from complication of a urinary tract infection.
        Kidney Stones - These are solid objects that can be formed inside your kidneys. An excruciating pain usually accompanies this disorder.
        Cystitis - This illness is an inflammation of urinary bladder. Cystitis usually is a very painful disease.

Using DENS therapy to treat these and other kidney and urinary tract diseases and disorders will help you manage pain - DENS instruments provide a very effective and powerful pain reliever and will treat and eliminate the illness completely.
You should know that DENS instruments are highly recommended by European and Russian doctors in cases of kidney and urinary tract diseases and disorders.  It works fast and effectively to treat your condition.  For some people it turns out to be a real lifesaver.

Endocrine System Diseases
The endocrine system is an integrated system of small organs that plays a major role in our lives. The endocrine system is instrumental in regulating metabolism, it is also responsible for regulating growth and development, and tissue functions depend on it.  Many psychological problems are caused by disorders of the endocrine system.  An extraordinary characteristic of endocrine related pathologies is how easily a disorder can affect your mood often in very dramatic manners.
You can use DENS instruments to treat some of the diseases and disorders of the endocrine system.

        Diabetes - This is one of the most serious and difficult illnesses to manage and cure.  DENS therapy can help you fight it and in many cases get completely rid yourself of diabetes.
        Thyroid gland diseases - DENS therapy can help you in cases of hyperthyroidism (over-activity) and hypothyroidism (under-activity).

You should always remember to talk to your doctor first and not attempt to self diagnose these problems.  Endocrine system diseases are very serious and should be treated with professional care and attention.  If you are using DENS device to help you get over these conditions, make sure you read and understand the disease.  Proper application of DENS therapy will lead you to success and will keep you safe.

Obstetrics and Women's Health
Women's health matters require an individual approach.  This area in the field of Medicine is represent by an entirely different field in medicine. Due to the complicated structure of a woman's body and reproductive system, they have many different disorders, diseases and situations requiring special care.

The use of DENS instruments prove to be very effective in many cases related to women's health, such as:

        Pregnancy and Labor - DENS therapy proved to be very efficient in relieving labor pain and making the labor go by faster and with less stress.  It positively affects mother's mental state and does not cause any problems to the baby.
        Breastfeeding problems - DENS devices are being used successfully to treat breast inflammation.  Mothers were able to treat it and keep their milk supply.
        Vaginitis - Vaginitis and similar illnesses where inflammation of women's sex organs occur can be treated with DENS instruments.

Currently, obstetricians around the world are using DENS devices to treat a wide variety of women's health problems. Pre and post surgery treatment involves simple and straightforward procedures.  DENS generated energies act as a powerful pain reliever and helps you drastically reduce and frequently allow the total eliminate of the pain medicine (which often have negative aftereffects and contraindications).

DENS Helps with Children's Illnesses
Treating children for almost any health problem can be very difficult.  They tend to respond in a negative way to conventional treatment and medicine.  Many are easy to develop a fear of doctors, shots and everything else. Some kids are even fall into a full-blown tantrum once you approach the doctor's office building. DENS therapy can provide you and your child with a stress free solution in treating many minor and as well as major children's illnesses.
        Children's Speech and Communication Disorders - More often we see children with speech and communication disorders. There are a lot of issues that may be the cause, but regardless one needs to help correct the disorder.  DENS instruments provides one of the best stress free medical devices that help children overcome their speech and communication problems.  In as little as 8 days kids who barely spoke a word or were using their own "language" started talking, saying words and rapidly improving their communication skills. The treatment process is extremely easy for children to go through.
        Common Cold - Runny nose, sneezing, coughing, fever all this can drive parents crazy. Sleepless nights and constant worrying can wear anyone down.  Some children even refuse to blow their noses, let alone take medicine or be treated in any other way.A DENS instrument can be a salvation for many parents when it comes to treating a cold.  It's completely non intrusive and works wonderfully, getting rid of the symptoms within a few days.

DENS devices can also help you treat your child in cases of asthma.  Childhood diabetes can be treated with DENS therapy.  There are cases of significant improvement in children suffering from cerebral palsy. Many kids regained mobility and were able to drastically improve the quality if their lives.  Bronchitis, gastroenterological disorders as well as traumas and even some forms of viral hepatitis can be successfully treated with DENS therapy.

Muscular Skeletal Disorders
Due to work or sports related circumstances "Muscular Skeletal Disorders" (MSD) are common these days. Often MSD has a tendency of sneaking up on you gradually developing over time.  MSD can cause extreme suffering, loss of employment and income.  For business owners who are dependent on physically strong and healthy employees, this may mean the loss of work force and loss of profits.  MSDs are always accompanied by pain.  Sometimes it is considered as minor and sometimes the pain is barely tolerable.   For unknown reasons, people suffering from MSD are on the rise in today's society.  But there is hope.  With the help of DENS therapy, almost all of the MSDs conditions can be prevented and/or treated successfully.

        Bruising and Sprains - DENS therapy acts as a powerful pain reliever in cases of different types of injuries, bruising and muscle or tendon sprains.  Rapid healing was observed in patients treated with a DENS device..
        Broken Bones - DENAS and DiaDENS instruments are very helpful when helping with pain management.  They assist in speeding up the healing process.  Patients with broken bones who were subjected to DENS therapy had their healing and recovery time greatly reduced.
        Joint Diseases, Arthritis - People with joint diseases, and especially arthritis, are suffering from terrible pain.  It can wear down a person within month and make one addicted to painkillers. The use of a DENS device relieves pain quickly and efficiently.  Special accessories are available that allow you to work on your pain anywhere, even while driving. You just put it on, turn it on and that's it. One of the biggest advantages of DENAS or DiaDENS instrument is that it is not only a pain reliever; it acts to cure the problem.  It will drastically improve the condition of your joints.  You may feel like a teenager again!

Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) diseases
Ear, Nose and Throat related diseases can make your life really miserable.  They tend to be very painful and if not treated promptly.  If not treated with great care, ENT diseases can lead to serious complications such as hearing loss.  DENAS & DiaDENS instruments are great tools to help correct ear, nose and throat problems quickly and speed up the healing process. DENS therapy also helps the patient recover from any complications.
        Otitis - Inflammation of inner ear. There are several types of otitis and all of them respond well to DENS treatments.  It relieves pain and reduces inflammation.  It helps to avoid any consequences.  Patients usually make full recovery within a short period of time.
        Sinusitis - DENS therapy is extremely helpful in treating sinusitis. You can get rid of any pain sensations quickly.  Due to the way DENS treatment functions it reduces inflammation quickly, providing quick and full recovery.
These are just examples of what DENS therapy can accomplish in cases of ear, nose and throat diseases.  DENS treatments are also quite helpful in treating different allergies. Treating children can be difficult and this is one more way to use DENAS and DiaDENS instruments because DENS therapeutic treatments are completely non-intrusive and painless.

Cure Vision Disorders with DENS Therapy
Our vision is the single considered as the most important sense that we possess.  Eyes are sensitive and they are prone to many disorders. DiaDENS instruments (with the DENS-Glasses accessory) are specially developed medical devices that make treating vision disorders in a simple manner.  DENS Glasses are extremely easy to use and will improve your life quality instantly.
        Short-sightedness and Far-sightedness - You'll be surprised but DENS therapy for your eyes can help you improve your eyesight!   DENS Glasses with a supporting DiaDENS instrument is a very powerful Vision Correction system.  Often, patients discover that it is not necessary to have expensive surgery to fix your eyes and keep them healthy!
        Cataract - This eye disorder can cause permanent blindness if left untreated.  Unfortunately it is becoming more and more common in today's world and a lot of people are suffering from it. Treatment can be expensive for some and here is when DENS therapy with DENS Glasses becomes vital!  It's a great way to treat cataract, regain your vision, and ensure healthy eyes for years to come.
        Glaucoma - can be treated with DENS Glasses as an attachment. Due to the nature of the disorder and the way DENS technology works, there are many success stories involving treating glaucoma and keeping your eyes in check.
        Conjunctivitis - The infamous "pink eye" disease.  It happens when the outermost layer of the eye and the inner surface of the eyelids are inflamed. This is caused by infection and more often allergies.   DiaDENS with DENS Glasses works quickly and cures the problem completely.

DENS Glasses with supporting DiaDENS instrument and proper DENS treatment provides a superior therapy to treat many vision disorders.  This system treats a majority of eye related disorders quickly and efficiently.   Using DENS Glasses are highly recommended for people who put extra stress on their eyes due to their work.  If you are a driver, an office worker, customer service representative - DiaDENS is a must have device when you want to keep your eyes healthy and your vision sharp!

DENS Therapy Helps With Oral Problems Too
Healthy mouth - healthy body. If you take good care of your mouth, teeth and gums you can avoid visiting a dentist for a long time.  But no matter how well you are keeping it nice and clean, sooner or later you are going to have to face that dentist with a drill in his hands.  People tend to be afraid of going to the dentist office because of the pain and highly intrusive and unpleasant nature of dentistry. DENS therapy will not substitute for a dentist but it can help you relieve pain and speed up the healing and recovery process.

        Toothache - It can be a real annoying to downright intolerable.  Before and after the treatment by your dentist.  DENS therapy works wonders when it comes to pain relief.  DENS treatment will ease the pain to make life more comfortable for you before you see your dentist and after the doctor fixed your problem.  DENS treatment with a DENAS or DiaDENS instrument will speed up healing and help you get back on your feet.
        Stomatitis - This is an inflammation of the mucous lining of any structure in the mouth such as gums, cheeks, lips, throat e.g.  DENS treatments are effective in relieving pain and reducing inflammation quickly (with full recovery coming in just a few days!)
        Periodontitis - This is a bacterial disease. Actually this is a group of inflammatory diseases that can lead to eventual teeth loss if left untreated.  DENS therapy works fast to relive pain and reduce the inflammation. It activates your body's hidden resources to fight off the illness. Patients treated with the help of DENS therapy experienced less unpleasant sensations and in general, and had shorter healing times.
As you can see DENS therapeutic treatments can be a major help when it comes to oral diseases. These are just a few examples of what DENS instruments can do.  Dentists all over Europe and Russia use DENS instruments to help their patients and encourage them to purchase their own.  Fortunately, DENS devices are affordable and easy to buy and use..

Stop Drug and Alcohol Addiction with DENS Therapy
Drug and alcohol addictions can hit hard dramatically effecting the patient as well as friends and family. These ailments are scary diseases that need to be treated with professional knowledge, understanding and extreme care. It is not only the addictions where DENS therapy can help.  In ordinary cases where a person simply has had one drink too many at a party, DENS therapy can help recovery from hangovers.
        Hangover - This is basically a type of poisoning. Too much alcohol puts your body under tremendous stress. DENS therapy helps relieve pain and all other unpleasant symptoms of hangover.  It works on a comfortable level and you feel fresh and ready to go quite quickly.
      Drug Addiction - DENAS and DiaDENS instruments can be used as a very helpful devices in treating drug addiction.  It should be used along with other rehabilitation techniques.  It helps a patient find strength to fight the addiction and "stay clean".  It is also extremely helpful when it comes to reducing cravings for drugs.  It can save lives!
As you can see DENS devices can be a powerful tool helping you or your loved ones to provide relief and fight the alcoholism and drug addictions.  DENS therapeutic treatments should be used alongside the conventional treatments to provide the best results. You can save your life or lives of your loved ones with the help of DENS devices!

Weight Loss
Excessive weight is a priority medical problem around the world.  This is especially true in well developed countries. Lack of exercise, unhealthy eating habits, stress and other factors contribute to the problem big time.  Being an overweight person also puts body under tremendous stress. People with excessive weight are at high risk of stroke, heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure, and multiple MSD (muscular skeletal disorders).  With the help of DENS therapy the efficiency of your efforts to lose weight will be a lot higher.
Clinical tests showed that about 95% of people with excessive weight were able to lose up to 20-22 lbs with the assistance of a DENS instrument.  About 20% of people were able to go from overweight to normal weight.  Some of those people changed their eating pattern and adopted a healthier diet.  Most important is that weight never came back after the treatment had been stopped.
Everybody noticed that their overall condition was greatly improved. They didn't have problems with blood pressure anymore and their mental state got into better shape as well.
As you can see DENS therapy can and will help you lose weight.  It'll guide through the steps making a brand new "you" in the process!

Beauty and Cosmetology
Every woman wants to feel special and beautiful.  Generally women love to take good care of themselves.  Men notice that and give preference to well cared for, cute and beautiful women.  In this tough world, DENS therapy can help preserve and enhance your beauty. It has been used in cosmetology with a great deal of success. DENS Therapy now includes the DiaDENS-COSMO for extraordinary facial therapy that provides a quick way to enhance and beautify any female's complexion. .
Cellulite - This is any girl's worst enemy!  DENS treatments possess a great anti-cellulite effect.  Use it on your problem areas, follow the instructions and watch your butt or thighs or whatever turn into a perfection without cellulite!
Not only will it help you fight cellulite, DENS therapy has many ways to beautify the body.  DENS treatment can improve your overall condition.  It improves the blood circulation and as a result your skin will finally get all the oxygen it needs. You skin color will change for the better. DENS treatments can also act as a wrinkle remover, working with major success.
If you are suffering from acne, or some occasional cases of nasty pimples, DENS treatment is your saver! It works fast and efficiently! You'll soon forget what acne is!

Dermatology (Skin Diseases)
Skin is the largest organ in our body. It is also the most visible. If you are suffering from a skin disease, it can be frustrating and exasperating. DENS therapy is very effective in treating various skin diseases at a great success rate.  Thousands of people around the world use their DENAS and DiaDENS instruments and are very excited and pleased with the results.   DENS Therapy now includes the DiaDENS-COSMO for extraordinary facial therapy that provides a quick way to enhance and beautify any female's complexion.
DENS therapy has shown to successfully treat the following skin diseases:
Having one of these diseases can be very frustrating.  It is important that you should follow simple rules of hygiene and, if you somehow get sick, use a DENAS or DiaDENS instrument to restore your beauty and health.  DENS therapy will eliminate much pain and suffering, making the healing process a faster process!
Dermatologists around the world are using DENAS and DiaDENS instruments and they are observing fast healing processes and complete recoveries.

Important Information:  The information provided in this presentation is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions.  Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. The information on this document is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Never disregard medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read herein.

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