About Our Manufacturer and the Quality of DENS Products
For further information contact:
John R. Pietras & Associates, Inc. (JPA)
P.O. Box 3131
Palm Springs, CA 92263-3131
(888) 709-9457 (USA & Canada)
International: (760) 251-6942   Fax (877) 613-7473
Email: support@jpastar.com or jjjppp@verizon.net
The manufacturer of the DENS devices is "RC ART LLC", which is wholly owned and managed by DENAS MS Corporation.  DENAS MS Corporation produces and distributes, throughout the world, the unique medical devices:  DENAS and DiaDENS for humans, and ZooDENS for animals. 

DENAS MS Corporation is a major leader
in Russian medical equipment market. They have over one million happy customers in Europe and hundreds of thousands more all over the world.

It should be noted that In Russia DENS-Therapy is a part of the mainstream medicine
and is registered by the Russian Ministry of Health as an official independent method of treatment.  DENS-Therapy is taught in Russian medical colleges as a separate discipline that may be pursued by students as a major professional specialization.

The main principle of DENS-Therapy:
  The devices help recover lost connections between central nervous system and internal organs.  This process launches an automatic biofeedback function of self-recovery and quickly initiates a natural healing process.

The quality of the products of RC ART LLS is verified by EuroCat
"DENAS MS" corporation can guarantee 100% quality of its products as it has it's own medical and veterinary research centers and it's own production facility.
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