Tennant Biomodulator vs DENAS DiaDENS-PCM
Tennant's Biomodulator®

Three (3), Dr. Jerry Tennant, Training Films

Jerry Tennant, MD, MD-H, ND(M) is a leading American surgeon with extraordinarily SCENAR® and acupunture body linkage knowledge.  Using SCENAR® type technology, he developed the "Biomodulator PLUS®" that also happens to have many of the features of the DiaDENS-PCM devices.  The principal difference is that the "Biomodulator PLUS®" is designed to "read" the millivolts in our bodies and indicate "low", "normal" or "high" voltage conditions in a simple manner.   Otherwise, we believe that other similarities are very close;  close enough that the "YouTube" training videos, that are available for the world to view, can be viewed to help users of the DiaDENS-PCM and other SCENAR type instruments.

To make viewing of the "www,youtube.com" "Biomodulator PLUS®" training sessions less difficult for you, we have eliminated the breaks in the multiple parts of "Dr. Jerry Tennant - Biomodulator® Quick Start Guide" and the "How the Body Works" training sessions  for your ease of viewing here.  The full length of "Quick Start" movie is 1 hr and 45 minutes.

Even though there are similarities and differences in our devices, you may note some of the processes and device usage characteristics are the same.  It is especially important to note that DENAS & DiaDENS systems do emit electrons very nicely to assist healing in a similar manner as the Biomodulator®.  The DiaDENS-PCM model 1 is displayed here.  Any PCM model does exactly the same therapeutic work but may have a different menu system..
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Please note that our purpose for this presentation is to bring light and understanding to this technology, regardless of the manufacturer.  We believe that if you need a SCENAR® type device and have the required Medical Credentials needed to qualify for the purchase of a "Biomodulator PLUS®" (and you have the funds for purchase. the unit is priced from $3000 to $8000. The final price depends on options and accessories selected. This includes mandatory in-person training in the Dallas, Texas area) We suggest that you go to their website www.senergy.us.  The people at Senergy are a very reputable and deserve your business.  Also note that we do NOT have a business association with them.

If you wish a superior alternative at a small fraction of cost, you will find that a DiaDENS-PCM 1, 2,3 or 4 instrument provides outstanding therapeutic healing,  frequencies, options and value.  We appreciate your interest in our high quality offerings here at www.jpastar.com,  We also recognize Dr. Tennant's excellent background and training knowledge can apply to many systems offered by several competing manufacturers.

You may note that the buttons and LED lights on the Biomodulator are named differently than the terms displayed on the DiaDENS-PCM, which uses a  large LCD screen:

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IMPORTANT:  JPA has no affiliation or monetary association with Dr. Jerry Tennant, or the Senergy Medical Group, owners of the registered trademark, "Biomodulator®".  Nor does JPA have any affiliation or monetary association with the RITM Corporation or Kosmed International, the owners of the registered trademark  "SCENAR ®".

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